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Wildflower Garden Club Plant Sale

The Wildflower Garden Club of Alaska offers a yearly plant sale to make available locally grown plants to area residents. 75% of the proceeds from the plant sale goes to the sellers (membership required), and 25% goes towards helping fund our grant, community service projects, and club maintenance.

We offer native plants, perennials, annuals, houseplants, herbs, and vegetables—whatever our members grow. We also have our popular Craft Corner with garden inspired crafts made by our members.

Come see us and hang out with other local gardeners. One of the most fun parts of the sale is getting together with other like-minded folks. It is wonderful to see each other and to learn from experienced gardeners and to exhort, encourage, and advise folks newly bitten by the gardening bug.

We accept cash, check, or credit cards. Why not invest in plants grown right in your own area? They are the most likely to flourish!

Plant Sale Criteria

The plants must be potted up and ready to go to their new home. All plants need to be clean and bug and disease free. They should be well watered, as there is no chance to water them at the sale location.

The earlier you dig, the better the plants look when you offer them for sale. Many sellers soak the plants for a day or two after potting them to make sure they are perky. Keep them out of the sun for a week or more too.

Each plant must have a white tag with the name of the plant (botanical or common) and a yellow tag with the sellers initials and price. Make the initials known to the recorder before the sale. Plants without both white and yellow tags cannot not be accepted for the sale.

Plants offered for sale are subject to removal from the sale per the plant sale committee. Criteria for removal may be due to a plant’s status as an invasive, poor condition, or mis-labeling.

As far as pricing goes, remember, this is not a garage sale. Prices at nurseries are very high: we try to price lower than they do, but not so low that there is no profit. Our plants are grown right here and are most likely to survive for the people buying them from us. Most nurseries bring their plants in from outside, so we are really selling the superior product. The more common plants fetch a lower price as there are so many of them, and the rarer plants command a higher price. Go on a nursery crawl and scope out prices to help you decide.

Plant sellers are expected to work at least a part of the day, including set up, sales, wiping tags, tallying, cashiering, tear down and clean up. All unsold plant materials must be picked up immediately after the sale ends.

If you wish to just donate the potted plants, feel free to do so—you can put WGCA for the seller’s initials or leave it blank. Any tags that are unreadable or missing initials, or do not have a yellow tag will be credited to the Club. If anyone needs tags, please contact us at The cost is $3 per bundle of 100.

Craft Corner Criteria

The only criteria is that the crafts should be garden related (be it a picture of flowers, garden art, botanical themed cloth items). Vendors must put their initials and price on a string tag attached to the item.

Vendors who bring crafts for sale are expected to commit to work the craft area for some part of the day. We need to ensure the crafts are kept secure.

The Craft Corner has proven to be an item of interest to our customers. It is great fun to have this section!

Our Mission

To promote the art of gardening, the study of floriculture and horticulture, and to further education within our club and community.

To cooperate with other agencies and organizations in furthering the interest of conservation, civic beauty, and roadside beautification.

Contact Information

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Anchorage, Alaska 99524 


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